1 Thursday fun n frolics


Just a few days ago I was watching a creepy movie, I have personally encountered copycats so I started watching the movie seriously, and at the end, even though it was quite rational I hoped and prayed that it does not happens in reality.

I have forgotten the name of the movie most probably it is single white female, only remember the name of the heroine, Bridget Fonda.

She is a sweet, beautiful girl, who has just moved to Newyork, is about to marry a man, who she discovers was still sleeping with his ex-wife, or just once slept with her after slipping the engagement ring in her finger… whatever! She breaks off and too scared to be lonely takes in a room-mate.

This one was freaky to the power n.

First hints were copying her dress, then we audiences saw more, but she did not. Next came to realizing that she was using her name while out in seedy joints, not only that, she copied her hairstyle and colour.

Then the heroine discovers that she has been lying about almost everything.

Finally when she asked her to move out she first seduced her lover taking advantage of his being almost sleepy when he was sleeping and her using the heroine’s perfume, copied dress and copied hairstyle and then killed him, next she almost killed the only genuine friend the heroine had (she thought she killed him), another man and then cleverly framed it all on the heroine but as it always happens, in the end the heroine managed to kill her.

The classic part was at the end, the heroine trying to “forgive” her πŸ˜‰ guess she really got her kicks out of torment, that is why she did not asked the woman out when she first noticed her untrustworthiness, after all, a single woman is supposed to be cautious.

Copycats used to annoy me but these days they give me creeps. There are some psychos that have crossed my path, who copy my dresses, my words, my habits and to add up my ringtones, no matter how uncommon they are! so i am not at all hunky dory with them. I dont think it is anyway connected with compliment, flattery-I will rather see ulterior motives, which the heroine of the movie failed to see and paid the price too bitterly.


I really hate it when it happens! or maybe my used up internet account played tricks on my memories, but whatever the reason was my “Thursday Fun n Frolic” did not showed up, even though I distinctly remember writing down the post now. Guess wordpress took fancy on it and devoured it!

Now as I am writing this post the words I have written in that post is returning vaguely. Well the gist of that post was from next week onwards (blame my excess data use for a week delay) I will try do share some of the stuffs I am doing to keep my bookboat sailing, honestly I am a total rookie in this field, without a single dime to use on “publicity” so all rookies may be benefitted. As for the veterans, I will be checking out your posts, so, if you want to share some knowledge plus your bookdetails do with great pleasure. I will share them with utmost pleasure!

Have a great week ahead, and I will keep my fingers crossed that this post too is not devoured by wordpress!

Quite annoying! If you take my words for it.



I was tired of blood shed and violence in movies, too bored with it, so I sliced down my hours on movie channels and serial channels to watch programs on discovery, national geography.

Who was I fooling?

They even have their own fighting rings for animals in serialspace, they shoot the bloodiest fightings and then show it as series.

What is wrong with human beings?



The televisions that come with the feature of recording are really great for fussy viewers like me. I always prefer to record the programs and later watch them with the remote in hand.

The programs I like I can schedule the entire series, now that is really handy for a forgetful person like me.

The option to fast-forward the advertisements and other nonsenses ( I always ffwd the fighting scenes)- a true blessing!

Then there is watching one program and recording two others.

It really is a very smart concept for sure.


I guess I am just not the television viewing type after all. I started watching television last september, after shifting to this house after a gap of more than a decade, life has kept me too busy for television during that phase.

I was hoping that I will stay addicted to the idiot box for the rest of my life. Alas!

The romance fizzled away before first anniversary.

The only programs that I am interested in are some national geographic and discovery programs.


Disney sure can create magic. How can they create such lovable characters in row, one after the other?

Was watching a movie Lilo and Stitch. Stitch is absolutely amazing, adorable, huggable little alien i have ever come across.

If you have not seen this movie, give it a try.

Stitch is amazing!


Leo Capri is one of the most talented actors of Hollywood to me. He is amazing. He started really young it seems, recently I was watching him in “What is eating Gilbert Grape”, in that he plays the role of Johnny Depp’s autistic younger brother- he was in one word outstanding! He was a wee baby in that movie, somewhere around thirteen i think. Then yesterday I watched him in a cowboy movie in that he was again a boy in his early teens it seemed, he acted with masters like gene hackman, russel crowe and sharon stone with such ease and left his mark! oh boy! He is one actor!

Hope Hollywood will dish him out some more amazing movies like Great Gatsby in future.

August 2014


In the end I am back to my original opinion, if you truly enjoy doing something you should try to learn to study what others are doing in the same field. Without jealousy. Study who win hearts and analyze why. What is it that touches hearts, and if you can adapt that style you can try it. I even though am studying the works of other authors in jukepop but am maintaining my own.

Their writing is the reflection of their mindset, which is totally different from mine, culture-wise especially, so aping them is ridiculous. Honestly most of them seem quite expert in their field, so it is more fun to study them at present, maybe, with a year or two of studying I too will be brushed by their super talented muse’s wings, at present I am watching from the seat, enjoying the show and rewriting my works, and am really grateful that they are being accepted.

Honestly if they had not been reading them I might not have been seriously thinking about getting them published, in wordpress my story blogs did not get readers, whereas there, the same stories are being accepted quite warmly.

A newbie in a competitive turf makes into top fifty stories in the first month- well that means the newbie is accepted!

I really needed this encouragement!

Thanks Maria and jukepop. If you write longer stories you can check out the blog, or if you want to encourage wannabe writers by donating them some money you can try it there, no I am not earning anything there it at present is for US citizens only. πŸ™‚


Learning quite a bit about stories in jukepop- the first realization is my stories are absolutely different from the others in style. Must be for bad because I dont see votes pouring in πŸ™‚

They write really long chapters, often more than three or four thousand words at a go.

I have decided to slice my chapters into smaller pieces, even though one of my friends told me that it will make the publishers reject the story, so maybe, once the story is complete I will make the chapters subchapters.

I really dont think that people read too long chapters, atleast majority of us dont, the story that ripped through the charts is a story written with a serial in mind, a teenage drama queen type of serial, its chapters are very small and it just ripped the chart! in ten days it has piled up more than 200 votes, whereas the actually talented writers have been able to collect 100 plus votes. So what does it says? Its the age of capsules….

I am not planning to change my way of writing, because I feel more comfortable with it, but I certainly am studying and learning a lot at jukepop.


I have always been a bookaholic, I used to devour everything that I could read. But repeated only those that I liked and repeated the ones I loved more than four times. There are some books that I keep reading again and again, and some… well I just did not had the energy of reading them second time.

Lately, some books are lying in possession, I have not been able to read even once. Had it been in past I might have tried atleast a single read but lately I read a lot on blogs so my energy is quite amply consumed there.

Now, why did not I read those books? three because the english was too dull, too tough to quickly understand and the fourth because it was so much elaborating the additional things that I could not get the actual story… any idea about what it was sharing.

With age patience runs short… so I rather pick up the things I can understand and relish.


As I am giving my works a two years shot, to get them published I will share my meanderings here with you, hope you will join in, or hope even greater it may help you to find some answers.

After checking out quite a handful of publishing sites I realized one thing that most sites dont accept poems, unless I suspect they are extraordinary to be formally published. Some directly mention it in their websites that they dont publish poems.

But, I have noticed myself that my poems get more readers than my stories, actually my stories dont have many readers, if i can manage one or two to read them i feel surprised.

So, I have decided to try to self publish a few ebooks of my poems, I will publish first one within this year. I wonder if that will be audacity!

I believe that formal publishing houses act in favor of their business instincts, and readers have a way of surprising business people… so… I will not ignore my poems, and publish atleast a compilation of 100 haiku and seven (my audacious style) and 50 or so poems.

Just got that imp inside me stirring up πŸ™‚

JULY 2014


Its quite annoying to work without a mouse, my fingers are aching to paint but I cant, I tried to fish out an old mouse, it worked for a few days then expired.

I tried to revive it with changing the battery but it seems its dead as a dodo- absolutely extinct.

The locality where I live is a weird one, I tried to buy a USB disk from a shop twice but both the times I could manage to go there it was closed, even though every damn shop around it was opened. So it might be permanently closed. Apart from that I have not been able to locate a single shop that sells computer peripherals.

I have been requesting my VIP brother for last six months but he too is hell bent to ignore my requests..grr


It is so tough to find a unique idea in our period of literature, every avenue we think about trying, after walking for a while we realize that someone has already tried that. This is the minus point of global creativity, that is, when all creative people are linked across the globe. Things get intermingled, knowingly or unknowingly, deliberately or accidentally.

I have lately started to fantasize that any of my works are about to become unique πŸ™‚

I am content with improving the fantasies of musie, by adding a little more fantasy to them. But Musie is always reading so when she fantasizes those readings reflect in her. How can she totally distance herself from the things she loves or hates?

Maybe, one day, Musie will perform a miracle πŸ™‚


When one watches and reads with thinking, quite seriously then after a certain age one starts to wonder if most of the storywriters live under denial to their true nature or are hypocrites.

Why do they put the ladder rungs to elevate oneself so high when it comes to goodness and so low when it comes to success?

Their “good people” forgive everything, and love monsters even after they repeatedly hurt others. They have heart larger than ocean that just keeps erasing every line on their shores, deep, light… just one wave of compassion (in their hearts, not in the hearts of the culprits- they can be as remorseless as they can be) and poof all wicked things are past.

On the other hand they try to paint every wicked, power-hungry person who is capable of doing everything- cheating their spouses, kids, friends, business associates as frail human beings, who have “good sides” but sometimes do “Wrong things out of impulse or greed.”

On one hand they try to prove that it is almost impossible to be a truly good, noble person, on the other they try to prove its forgivable to do almost everything if your motivation is success.

In the end, one becomes wiser and stops paying serious attention to their thinking.


When I was a little girl I used to dress up a lot, with the limited resources that were available, but unfortunately my elder sister, used to steal all my stuffs (actually robbing will be more appropriate term) so there were not many.

My parents never pampered us much, i never had a doll when I was a child… not a single one I mean, I always craved for one though πŸ™‚

As a child I craved for another thing too, the only thing I crave even these day, to wake up and see all that I have been thinking as real was in fact a dream. πŸ™‚

When I look back at my childhood I see a lot of happy things but two of my elder siblings were always hovering around every good thing like a pair of hell’s minions, forcing their wishes upon me, stealing whatever they could manage to steael or else trying level best to destroy them and I was so hypersensitive back then that I just cant rip them away from those memories they just stay there like spots on moon πŸ™‚

Some people leave so many bad memories that even though they are no longer a part of your life you just cant wipe them clean from your life’s slate πŸ™‚

One of my hot favorite memories of childhood was countdown to durgapuja, the greatest festival of bengali hindus, durgapuja meant new clothes… and as a child possessing a new clothe was almost like possessing a piece of heaven πŸ™‚

I used to count days after getting them in hand.

I also used to wait eagerly for new books after being promoted, so I could read them, especially the stories πŸ™‚


What was your idea of fun as a child? What did you enjoyed most doing when you were a child? My first memories… well, when I was very small I loved to imagine.

I used to roam in the garden and imagine that I am a princess, talking to myself, the plants, flowers. It was quite fun.

This is why I think that parents who deprive their chidren from the fantasy world in which I lived do them a great injustice, they can teach them these things later, actually my parents did not teach me I realized it myself that they are imaginary creatures – some books taught me to imagine them, others taught me that they are fictional creatures- that simple.

As a child I used to think that fireflies are small fairies with lantern πŸ™‚

JUNE 2014


These days all I am doing regarding tele is watching football… hee ha ha. I watch only worldcup football games, and to me, they certainly are worth watching.

Its amazing to see their skill and performance, their happiness when they goal. It certainly is infectious.

Apart from this I have recently thoroughly enjoyed watching “once upon a time”- the stories and characters are truly great. Enjoying “Game of thrones” amply enough but violence is sometimes a little too much.

Watched a very touching movie, a little slow but really touching, “United states of Leland”- the story of a specially challenged boy who murdered his friend’s autistic brother. His way of explaining the incident touches the soul deep within, so does his way of looking at thing.

Another character that quite touched my heart is Mr. Gold of Once upon a time, a physically challenged man who was forced to fight war with trolls and ran away, he was branded as a coward, his wife passed her time in pub, having fun with sailors and drunkards while he meekly suffered her wayward ways, forever trying to please her and the villagers who were sometimes cruel and sometimes abusive to him, then in his run to save his sun from being sent to fight trolls he fell in the tricky world of blackmagic and became a powerful, evil wizard, it was quite interesting to see the same people who used him as a worm when he was a weak (not coward- i think if someone refuses to fight trolls and run away he is smart not coward), “please everybody” type of guy, devoted too much into his wayward wife and sweet son now trying to please him when he has turned into a ruthless, evil, heartless monster- just because now he wielded the whip- ah human beings!!!


I have seen a few of the new star trek movies, have not been much impressed by them, why I dont know, most probably because I loved the old cast too much, I will love to see that series again, most probably the special effects will be too sloppy in today’s standards but still it might be fun to watch.

Why dont they remake that series? Honestly when I watched star wars I thought that they wont be able to pull through the mixing of old and new techniques but they did.

I used to wait for this series eagerly but unfortunately that hour was the favorite hour of burdwan electricity board, usually we used to manage only the starting casting and the concluding casting. We used to have a eerie feeling that those **** used to turn off the powers while watching the televisions themselves. πŸ™‚

So, I have managed to watch only nine or ten episodes fully I believe but they were thoroughly enjoyed back then, so a little tuck and tug may make them fantastic…


There are few movies I will love to see sequels of, and am quite sad that they have not been made.

1. I am number four, a movie about a group of kids of an alien planet in earth, trying to survive from the henchmen of their own planet. I have seen the first part quite a few times and it is amazing, and am really disappointed that they did not made the sequel.

2. Golden compass, the story of a little girl and her pet demon, it is a great movie, the story, the acting and the special effects are fantastic but I see slim chances of its sequel.

3. Eragon, I really loved that movie about a dragon and her rider. It was another amazing movie with great actors and special effects.

4. Zurassic park, yes, I will love to see a little more of dinosaurs.

BTW, I am enjoying Games of thrones a lot these days, along with Once upon a time, have you seen any of these serials?

Will you love to see sequel of any movie or series?

I wonder if it is with everyone or majority of us or not, when I am watching a movie or a series a lot depends on how much I can bond with the characters that lead the story, you can call them protagonists or main characters whatever you want.

I love main characters (even if they are crime scene investigators or morticians) kind, humane, I really dont appreciate people who think death is something funny (unless it is their own), sometimes everyone jokes about death to lighten up the grim situations but masticating on death is something which brings cannibalism to my mind.

I love the teams which watch each others back and dont squabble like the teams of Fringe and criminal minds- I love both these teams.

Like the eternal optimist I love the stories where truth and love wins.

I really like story writers who dont treat audience like stupids who will eat and digest everything on plate and music directors who feel mercy on our eardrums, a ear-piercing thunder after mumbled dialogues (for which you have to increase the volume) does not makes the hearts race, it makes the murderous instinct alive and very furious.

What do you love and hate?

At present I am loving three serials very much- The listener, once upon a time and criminal mind (this one is really gory but I like the step by step analysis and the team).

MAY 2014


Some movies leave a trail of disturbance and question in our minds. Don’t they? Recently I watched a movie, a very disturbing movie, compliance.

In it a man calls up a fast food center and cons the owner into believing that one of the countergirls has stolen money from a customer and her brother is a drug dealer, he is a police officer from there local police station.

Now, I really am a mean skeptic when it comes to thrillers and horrors, I watched the movie, the shrewdness with which the **** forced the girl and the woman to dance to his tunes was quite disturbing. He was a repetitive offender, so he has honed his skill and it was quite sad to agree with the owner and the girl that we really dont trust police that much, believe that they will treat us right if we are innocent. The girl was innocent, so she knew she was innocent, the owner totally believed her in the beginning but in the later part, brainwashing took effect and she started to half believe the offender.

Honestly, I could neither blame the girl or the owner for the way they were acting. You can watch the movie if you have strong nerves and can suffer the harassment of an absolutely innocent person for too long (almost two hours) and then I will really like to know, if you too think the same, that neither the girl, nor the owner were fools.


arrogance about one’s own work is the poison that kills the artist, the only exception I know is most probably michelangelo, who was really haughty about his own works I have heard. Well, it did not ruined his creativity. But in case of ordinary or a little better than ordinary artists it may be the killer in disguise.

I somehow think that humillity from heart will always inspire an artist to better his or her works, arrogance on the other hand will make that person smug, content, forget about the unpopularity that will follow or contempt.

If you criticise others too much, sooner or later people will start looking for fault in your own work, and when they will find some they will blow them out of proportion because most of the people are a bit partial about humillity.

Some of the sweetest gestures by some celebrities we all know, I loved it when Julia Roberts told everyone that Susan Sarandon is a far greater actress than her. I also loved it when Meryl Streep told everyone that she is ugly- she is one of the most beautiful women on screen I believe. She is gorgeous!


Every woman, especially those who live a lot of time on their own in their homes should watch crime thrillers, especially the good ones. Why?

1. They tell you what you should do and not do- they give too many angles from which women are attacked, in the street or in their homes, and one will see that about 80% of them are avoidable.

2. They tell you what you should do and should not do when you are under attack or the captive. Especially the second part, the more thrillers you watch the better for you.

3. If you watch too many of them, that may help you identifying suspicious characters that use friendliness as one of their attack weapons, they may even help you to keep your mind calm when you are in trouble.

4. They teach you escape tactics too. πŸ™‚

I watch a lot of thrillers, not the rubbish ones, the ones with some brain applied behind them, and honestly they do show us a lot, about precautions and other things that I think in today’s world is very important for women.

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