“Nature’s Gold” by Penny Luker is free on 6th and 7th December

naturers gold summary

Nature’s Gold is my first book of poetry and many of the poems are about nature and the beauty in the world, which is why I chose the title. Some of the poems are humorous observations about life and some more serious.

I love writing poetry. I like reading all the different forms and I like reading contemporary poems as well as traditional ones. I do think some poets try to be too clever and are trying to prove how academic they are. I believe passionately that poetry should be accessible to everyone and I hate reading a poem and thinking what does it mean. All my poetry is straightforward; some have messages, and some are just for fun. If a reader doesn’t like one of my poems then that’s fair enough, but if they don’t understand it I would be very disappointed with myself.
I’m currently in the middle of writing a second book of poetry, but it takes me ages to edit and choose which poems to use, so it won’t be out until 2015.

Nature’s Gold is £5.00 for a paperback version and 88p for the Kindle version. It’s available from Amazon. URL


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