Thursday Fun n Frolics 11.12.14

Well, did a little more digging in Goodreads and liked that.

They allow authors to create their own platforms too, where they can share their works and try to build their own reader base. I have just saved their suggestions on that page, will be reading it and later sharing it with you guys.

You see, only one woman with a pair of hands and worst one brain I feel a bit wobbly these days. Hee hee.

To add up, most probably I will have to take a looooooooong break in very near future, mid january or so. Will let you know when you guys will get a break from my daily word doses. It is inevitable only date is unsure. 😉

When I will be off internet, I will start compiling my next set of books. ha!

Till then, if you guys are really serious about trying to build a readership try goodreads and share your views with us if you want to.


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