A Beautiful Life…Except For The Movies 3329

Scragg Man

At dinner, Blake told me that the script for “Holy Sinner” is very well-written and that the lead character is something else. “He’s a con man preacher who gets involved with redneck gangsters, which ends in bloodshed, but it’s an intelligent look at religion, hypocrisy, and desperation in small towns. I think the film would be a perfect vehicle for you, Elmer,” she added. “Okay, but I need to do Milt’s movie first,” I replied. “Why,” Blake asked. “I reckon I do, but I guess I don’t,” I answered. “That was an eloquent reply,” my wife joked. “If you think I should do this one, then that’s what I’ll do,” I the said. “Take a stand, Elmer,” Blake continued to rib. “It’s movies, so I’ll leave it to those who know.” “I’m hardly an expert.” “You’re the best screenwriter there is, Blake, which means you’re an expert,” I said. My…

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