A Beautiful Late Fall Sunday 3357

Scragg Man

Renaud kept us entertained with his stories about growing up in Germany, and working dangerous assignments. He then became a tad bitter when he got to the part where he was let go by the security firm he worked for. “I suppose I should have been prepared for it, but you never are, however, I didn’t fly across the ocean to feel sorry for myself, so I’m going to celebrate a new beginning,” he said. “That’s the spirit, and there’s plenty you can do here, so forge ahead,” I told him.

The fried chicken was delicious, and my grown daughters all agreed that cooking it in yellow lard is the way to go. The fixin’s were also spot on. I took a short walk with Renaud, who asked me about the mess that went down that resulted in murder and mayhem. I told him that Erica and Elise got involved…

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