Happy New Year (Thursday Fun n Frolics 1.1.15)

2015 NYG WOD

Happy New Year Sweeties, have a blessed year filled with all the happiness you can ever dream of!


Well, I have a small gift for you, some of you guys told me in email that my books are a wee bit too costly for you, so, I have decided to almost gift you two books every year, on xmas and new year, the question is why not totally free, right?

Well, I have seen from my personal experience that free gits go to dustbin, people dont respect “free” things, they always think that “free” things are “useless” things.

So, I will just charge the minimal price for these two books, as for totally free gifts, they are shared every day in my blogs for you, every time you read them you leave me in debt!

“A bouquet of wild flowers”

This one is black and white, without illustration poem, I will keep it’s price minimum. Somewhere around 2$.

“Serenade of Brush and Quill”

This book is published today in kindle, using their comic creator, an amazing software for people like me, who use paintbrush to share too many poetries, they accept bmp files and give amazing picture quality. I am just a beginner, gotta learn more and improve my upcoming books 🙂

It will cost 4.4$

You can try it too if you create cartoons etc.

Have a blessed year!



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