India was one – quite a nice book

Well I was quite flattered when “Indiawasone” asked me to review his book, ahem, the name of the book is “India was one” but the author prefers pseudonym because he does not wants to share his name at present.

I went through the book, it is a great story for those who are curious to know about different states of India, how versatile Indian society is, and how they co-exist together, like different things in a household, that sometimes bang into each other but at the end of the day, stay under the same roof. Some co-exist peacefully, others not.

The more interesting thing for me was it sort of represented what my next generation (I assume s/he is in his/her twenties or at the max thirties) thinks and believes.

Being a reader of mostly classics or fantasy, it was an intriguing journey for me too, some of my friends, who tell me to write about India may check out this book and see if they like it.

All the best “Indiawasone”, even though I firmly believe “indiaisone”, we squabble like **** but then we mend and maintain peace.

I wish him/her a bright future!


2 thoughts on “India was one – quite a nice book

    • s/he has given me the pdf file of the book to read, so I dont know about him/her but have read the book. It will be quite intriguing to those who want to know India, it has been written for global readers.

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