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reviews on “the charons” thanks Gayle, David, Troy

the charons

Thank you for the reviews Gayle, David, Troy, Vishal they mean a lot to me!

This story is of utmost importance to me, there are stories that make writers- this one is that story from my life. That is why I have given it an unfair amount of attention and will be always grateful to those friends who have spent their priceless time on reading it and then further indebting me by sharing their opinion about them.

While you read the story, reviews I will suggest you to read this page too-


Well, Sharmishtha Basu is fifth child of Late Dr. Shibaprasad Basu, she is Bengali, Indian, she took birth in Tundla, Uttar Pradesh, lived in and around Uttar Pradesh for the first sixteen years of her life, then returned to Burdwan, West Bengal , her family has dwelled there for five hundred years or so and are still dwelling there, she lived in West Bengal till 2015 February, since February 2015 she is living in Hyderabad. She is unemployed, unmarried so with lot of time and excessive energy, some evil people made her dreams of having a normal career impossible but that did not diminished her energy, so she utilizes her time and energy mainly by painting and writing, hoping that her books will become her dream career, her salvation in her words, she is a blend of bhaktiyoga and karmayoga. You can contact her through her blogs (main blog), her facebook page, amazon page or emails &

8 thoughts on “reviews on “the charons” thanks Gayle, David, Troy

      1. I read this a while back and couldn’t believe how cold and cruel some people could be. She did well to survive.

      2. if you had asked me in 1992 I would have told you that such people cant exist, don’t exist! now I know devil exists in human form, and so do angels, but angels are mostly devoured by devils.

      3. That’s because devils are sometime angels who have turned bad… satan was an archangel. The highest of them all.

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