writing101april2015- day 4- 9.4.15 – serially lost 1

Realm of Empress Musie

today’s topic
write about something you have left behind, it is not necessary that it will have to be something you miss!

make it the first of three, the remaining two will be told later.

Things we leave behind… that were such joy when they were done but now, no one will be able to make us repeat those things!

I remember as a child I used to have bathe with my cousins, irrespective of genders, wearing only panties, one of my cousins was too shy, that is, he became shy when he grew up, as a child he was a very good friend of mine and we used to have lot of fun together in bathtub, when we met after a break of seven or eight years we both were teenagers, he is three years older than me I think.

He was so shy and reserved that he…

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