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Thursday Fun n Frolics 7.5.15

“Bed of Roses” [In a world where “Romantic” most often appears to be a display of voyeurism or the outburst of depraved minds, spilling their depraved fantasy filled with really ugly, vulgar jokes and calling that “romance”] is a wonderful romantic movie.

I don’t remember seeing such a beautiful matured romance (made after eighties) recently. There are some, but most of them are too immature for my thinking, where being kicked around by your lover yet forgiving them and forgetting everything is shown as a sure sign of true love or where serial kissers always get the virgins… ;p – in most of the movies my mindset just does not clicks with the definition of “love” they give, and “love” is something that I will define for myself, not for others but for myself! without remotest doubt!

So, this movie and the love that Christian Slater and the heroine (I am surprised that we did not see her in more romantic movies… she is absolutely adorable) is somehow my type of love, two persons who truly love each other, go head over heels and forgive when one grows a cold feet and hurts the other, just because she is too scared to commit!

It is a beautiful, heart warming movie for me, relished it from beginning to end!

thursday fun n frolics


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