Sonnet of a Saint by Martian Poet

I have read a lot of poems by Martian, so when I came to know about his book I requested him for an interview, and share his book with us, so that we can check it out. He squeezed out some time for us!

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am in IT geek and I write haiku poems and free style poems. I am an avid reader. I would like to read autobiographies, science fiction novels, poetry books ,philosophy ,psychology and anything that makes to happy at that moment.

2. Tell us something about your muse- what is his field? poetry, story, painting or mixed, tell us all you want to tell us about him/her.

I would like to write poems and short stories. But I don’t like to write a poem of pages or stories, I always like to write short and sweet. I started writing poems from the age of 10, my source of inspiration is the great Tamil poet Kamban who wrote Ramayana in Tamil. He is such a legend and I got the insipiration for writing short poems from another great Tamil poet “Tiruvalluvar” who wrote the Tirukkural.

3. Tell us something about your book, what is its theme/core/inner vibe?

My book is all about Love, Romance, Nature, God and Life. Only these are the themes I always like to write. It has all the feelings mixed up. As I said in one of my poems, “my poems can make you cry, make to sad, make you happy, make you feel angry, make you feel naughty, etc. If you don’t feel of anything then I am not a poet, and you are a poet. I will read you and come back .”

4. How do you feel after getting published? Any suggestions for newbies/wannabes?

I feel that my goal has come true. I have achieved something that I dreamed of. Though it doesn’t make a living for me or paying anything or I don’t become a overnight celebrity , one day I may turn into an author who will enlighten some souls on the earth through my writings.

Always don’t leave your dream, never give a thought to the people who laugh at you, and remember unless you have an enemy like the one who laugh at you, you won’t progress in life.!

My book is available from Kindle store.


His book Url:


10 thoughts on “Sonnet of a Saint by Martian Poet

  1. thanks Sharmistha for this post, I really appreciate your kindness. Excuse me for the delayed reply for your post.

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