Thursday Fun n Frolics 11.6.15

There was a time when I walked around with one book or the other, I have read like crazy, till 1996, reading was banned in my first job, so even though we sat in the front office day long without much to do we were forced to just sit there 🙂

it was an nine hour job, which often ended up taking work to home because I had to handle the accounts too, and that was a tedious job because I had to work under the instructions of a chartered accountant and meticulously maintain the account with all sorts of extra details. So nine hours were not enough… therefore my reading habits slowly vanished and when I left that job books were replaced by newspapers, now they are blogs, but I do miss books once in a while.

When I was in Kolkata I tried to contact some people who claimed they will “Deliver at doorstep” and then they disappeared in thin air leaving me high and dry!

Maybe I will try ereaders, what do you think of kindle paperwhite? the problem with this is their set of rules for Indian and US clients are different! to add up they don’t have a service center in India, what will we do if it starts to malfunction?

maybe they should start working on both of these issues!

thursday fun n frolics


2 thoughts on “Thursday Fun n Frolics 11.6.15

  1. Hummm… that’s a valid concern, Trisha — and I don’t know how to answer. I was going to buy a PaperWhite… Then i found a deal on a Barnes & Noble Nook, that had a lot more capabilities, for only a few dollars more (that was not recently, sorry). Good luck in choosing.

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