Thursday Fun n Frolics 18.6.15

I was having a discussion with my brother on sunday, 7th june, about Tagore’s short stories, now, I am not boasting when I am saying that I have read a LOT, in two languages mainly Bengali and English, and both of these contained a lot of translation too, translations from other languages. one of my favorite author is Maupassant, his short stories are beyond measuring scales to me!

Tagore too has written dozens of classic short stories, I have read such moving stories by only two or three other short story writers, Maupassant, O Henry, Maugham etc. the thing that my brother pointed out to me is Maupassant wrote in French, but now he is a legend all over the world when it comes to short story writing, so maybe we need a very good translator for Tagore’s short stories, someone who will capture their essence in English!

I hope someone will think and do it too!

thursday fun n frolics


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