Thursday Fun n Frolics 25.6.15

Recently I watched three movies and loved them for different reasons.

1. Mother India a Hindi movie about a virtuous woman whose husband disappears leaving her behind to take care of three children and a mother in law. One of the children dies so does the mother in law, that woman brings up the kids on her own, warding off a lecher ghoul that stalks her and preys on the ignorance and illiteracy of the villagers, a ghoul in real sense. No wonder this movie is a cult, I have seen it as a child liked it back then, then I got the second chance to watch it and it left me clean-bowled, it is a miracle that the director could make this movie a superhit! it is so realistic and heart-breaking! I thought hindi movie viewers went to theaters only for entertainment!

If you don’t know hindi try this movie with subtitles, you will get the story it is loud and clear, how innocent farmers are exploited by the traitors who dwell amongst them, as their own and rob them every minute!

The songs are fantastic, so is the performance of all leading/not leading actors!

2. Letters from Juliet- I love its heroine, the heroine that is Meryl Streep’s daughter in Mamma Mia, she is so talented! The movie is cute, warm and fantastic. watch it if you love romantic movies.

3. A movie on Edgar Hoover the creator of FBI, boy that guy’s mind was as twisted and manipulative as they can be! it is an amazing movie if you love to watch such movies, that deal more with psychology than other things, and Leo Capri as always is “What an actor”!

This is it for now I think… till next week.

love and hugs.

thursday fun n frolics


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