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wings returned…

Last night, after ages I dreamt of flying again, I used to dream of flying almost every night, when I felt I was in chains, last night I dreamt of flying for long, long time!

In case you don’t know, dreaming of flying means you feel imprisoned and want to break free of some thing, life, relationship, career it can be anything.

I too have been feeling this deep urge to break free for years, actually I will love a trip to mars on one way ticket, that limit of liberation 😉

one thing is for sure, I love those dreams when I fly, ah! they are amazing to see the world from up above and they are very vivid, almost in slow motion!

do you ever dream of flying?


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6 thoughts on “wings returned…

  1. I enjoyed this. Something I often do when going off to sleep is to imagine that I am flying and observing life from that point of view. It’s wonderful, elevating and helps me enormously to get out of myself and to see the bigger picture. HOpe you are enjoying a lovely weekend. Janet:)

  2. I haven’t had a flying since my pre-teen and teen years.. I would fly above the roof of my house, circle my neighboring grandmother, and then fly off into the sky… flying forever, with no end in sight.. *sigh … kinda miss those dreams… now I rarely dream, unless it is about some new character or plot twist… lol… even in my sleep I seem to be writing

    1. its the same with me, I too keep thinking about my stories (or the movie I have seen right before sleeping) in my dreams, I sometimes think about new stories, poems too…in dreams they seem so cool but when I wake up I either have forgotten them or they don’t sound that cool in rational mind!

      Guess you have found what you are looking for!

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