Friday Anecdotes 31.7.15

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

Evil shadow
that is what he is
most probably he is evil
or works for one
whatever the inner story is
he is enveloped in it
it is a part of him
not disguise
for evil like goodness
cant stay hidden for long
it reeks through the cracks
of the mask it wears.

They entered like light and shadow in her life, she planted a sandal tree in her courtyard and a poisonous snake instantly coiled itself around it, refusing to budge.

They have been friends for years, on internet, then they decided to meet, they met, things changed thereafter, she fell in love he insisted on friendship, flip of coin, the scenario changed after meeting face to face, before meeting it was he in love she wanted friendship and now exactly the opposite. But she did not complained and the friendship remained intact, then he crept in, a dormant…

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