Saturday Slices 13.6.15

Realm of Empress Musie

satslice 3 IMG_0018 dad letter

This is a letter my father wrote to my mother when she was in Kolkata to deliver my elder-most sister 🙂 every word of this letter spills with love, my father always loved my mother, I always wondered why was she so cold in return, even in my childhood I have felt that one-sided love.

I remember discovering this leather pouch containing some of my father’s things, including a bunch of love letters when I was about sixteen, and remember reading the first one out loud before hearing an exclamatory sound from my mother, something like nice manners….

I did read them, all of them later, sorry could not help it. With it was a small diary but I cant find it any more, hope I have kept it somewhere safe and will discover it soon!

love most often is one-sided I guess!

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