Saturday Slices 11.7.15

Realm of Empress Musie

satslice 4 IMG_0027

Some people enter our lives for a very brief period of time and stay forever, Shubhadeep Mitra was one of those persons, and he will stay in my heart forever.

He entered my life at a period of time when I was slowly becoming allergic to bosses, I was yet to understand that I was deliberately being sent to these dens run by vicious witches and their puppets to ruin my very soul, my trust, admiration for humanity.

He was an amazing boss, a very kind, beautiful soul and most probably that is why God took him away, he was 11 years junior than me but passed away, I am glad that I was not working for him then. I was really really fond of him! I later read in newspaper that he has passed away.

God bless his soul forever!

It ofcourse is envelope of my salary 🙂 I…

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