Saturday Slices 25.7.15

Realm of Empress Musie

satslice 5 IMG_0028

This is what we need as an identity card for train journey as daily passengers, after getting this with a photograph of-course (that has been used elsewhere after I left burdwan) we have to buy monthly tickets for dimes, literally, it is a wonder that even after that people don’t buy railway tickets here!

When I travelled from burdwan, for three years or so the monthly fare was below 300 Rupee I think and that included availing express, and the ticket checkers suffered us if we climbed on mails too, as I worked in private concerns I could not make it to howrah station before seven, so I missed the last express train to burdwan, and only lunatic women will climb a local train after dark for a 2 hour journey, so I had to climb the long journey train, the daily passengers were disgusting but the ticket checkers were…

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