Thursday Fun n Frolics 10.9.15

Who says two contrasting things cant impress the same person? I never was one of that league who either liked classical music or hip hop! I think variety is fun, the more multi coloured we make our life the more will we get from this one time journey.

Right now I am watching two shows quite regularly, one is held by Javed Akhtar, a famous hindi movie shayar, that is writer, I really loved his works, never knew he was a great anchor person too, he hosts a fantastic program on hindi movie legends, called “the classi legends” in Zee, he tells us about the legends of hindi movies, actors, directors, singers…. He is so sophisticated and elegant!

The second program is “baaton baaton me” in sony, in that Anmol, a RJ holds interviews of contemporary actors, singers etc. In a fun style, he is really cute and it is fun to watch the program.

Both programs share some genuine information about Hindi movie actors and others for sure, because in the second case they come first hand from the celebs themselves and in the first case, well one can bet a penny that Mr. Akhtar is speaking after verifying!

BTW both programs are in Hindi….


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