Sermistabasu is about to stay!

Well it started on 15th August and is going on, remorselessly, my internet connection, it is driving me nuts, so I can read the comments, post the blogs from my blogs but cant open a single blog, and of course the things that it allows me allows me after long hours on internet, more than I like, you can say I sit all morning and then only it allows me to handle one blog properly, yesterday I sat all day on sharmishthabasu, to do some small works, during that whole day it disconnected thrice further enhancing the pleasure.

My phone well it simply wont let me open anything in wordpress, what a fun! no matter what I try to open it whines that “cant get a secure connection”, I tried from 15th desperately and finally gave up.

Trying a third very unsafe connection, so I will rather risk that new made id sermistabasu in that connection. I will be reading your blogs from that connection and posting comments, sorry it wont be a daily affair but regular for sure, as long as that dumb connection allows me to!

I hope that my prime connection will be back real soon! I really do!

love and hugs.


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