Friday Journals 25.9.15

one can never imagine
the joy till one tastes it
from the moment
when a wild creature
approaches you
without any reason at all
the sheer ecstasy when
a wild bird perches near you
or a butterfly gently rests
just beside you.

There is something absolutely magical about those moments, back in burdwan when I used to till in garden a magpie robin used to land right beside me and brazenly catch the insects rising from the tilling, by right beside me I mean three inches.

in Hyderabad wild creatures are just like that, there are some small birds sunbirds and finches that merrily invade houses without much fear.

The most magical moment happened in August, I will never forget it! I was talking on the phone with some one, and two sunbirds landed on the balcony grill, couple of feet away from me, they could hear me talking, so there was no question of their “not noticing” me, yet they stayed there for at least two or three minutes before casually flying away!

Now that is what I will call my “moment of Hyderabad” 🙂

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