Friday Journals 9.10.15

Still waiting most probably for the ship
the bag is packed
the heart is already on its way
to sail the ocean and reach destination
the place where we are supposed to be
but time keeps playing game
and tides are not coming
so the ship waits
far away in ocean
keeping me waiting on dock.

Well when I was writing it on 27th September I was still in Hyderabad, I was supposed to be in Kolkata in September as you know already, that is, those who read my blogs attentively, but it is taking time, I don’t ask much whys, there must be some reason why bro is maintaining two flats, one in Kolkata and another here but it is a bit boring to wait without knowing the date. ;p

Time is flying by like only time can, I wake up in the morning and before I can settle down it is evening! ha! I really will love to have a few more hours in day, but with winter approaching it will get lesser and lesser ;p

Have fun and stay happy till next Friday (at least)!


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