Thursday Fun n Frolics 3.12.15

When writers suggest other writers, wannabe writers to be honest in their works I sort of agree with them, even though a lot of writers may have succeeded by writing absolutely against their nature but still, if you want lasting fans or admirers, being honest with your works will not be a bad idea.

I remember one such incidents, mostly I don’t expect people to be perfect or something angelic but when I first heard the songs of this country singer I was absolutely clean bowled, captivated by the depth of his love, he sang of purest love being abused, ignored mostly. His love was from the depth of his soul which was ignored or abused by his lover. Then I curse the moment I read his biography!

He was a womanizer and serial kisser, well, it completely ruined his songs for me, when I hear him crying my brain instantly says bah! “look who is talking!”

Had he been a little more human in picking up his songs most probably I would not have shunned his songs.

What do you think?


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