Thursday Fun n Frolics 17.12.15

Words- put in the right way can break down every barrier and change lives. Bookworms like me will vow for it, how much writers we have never seen, never will change us, our views, our ways of looking, thinking at things again and again. I have been touched by their words in various scales, some have changed a view or two, and some has absolutely transformed a portion of my mind I will say. These are the first ten that come to my mind when I think of writers that have impressed me more than a bit.

1. Victor Hugo- His deep compassion for human beings, especially those who need it what makes him so special to me. The way he painted Jean Val jean of Les Miserables or Quasimodo of The hunchback of Notre Dames was enough to bring out compassion in the heart of a sixteen year old girl, who was quite “righteous” then, a little “too righteous”, made her accept the reality that sometimes people are victims of circumstances.

2. Arthur Conan Doyle- His amazing masterpiece Sherlock Holmes and his brilliant, priceless skill to analyze mysteries! Show me a bookworm geek who does not loves him! Well, he taught this geek to look beyond the apparent.
3. Guy De Maupassant- Very rare writers can capture human beings this humanely I think.

4. Somerset Maugham- He too is a great master of studying human nature, but a little darker side of human nature I will say. Most of his characters are in shades of gray but very real anyway.

5. Jules Verne- I really think he was a time traveler. How else could one predict things that were about to be invented so perfectly?

6. Shakespeare- His grip on English language’s beautiful side is enviable! I really wonder how could he use such amazing vocabulary and churn out those amazing stories together! He is quite like Bankim Chandra Chatterjee of Bengali, he too is one writer when it comes to beautiful language and fantastic stories.

7. Louis L Amour- He taught me a lot about settlers and Red Indians, the thing I love most about him is his love for wild America and just way of telling those stories, and of course his righteous cowboys! I was a bit like them back then, would have loved becoming a cow gal if I knew horse riding and had the guts to be on my own in wilderness, was not scared of wild beasts only outlaws ;p

8. O Henry- I believe most bookworms love his sweet stories, he sates my sweet tooth too.

9. Hans Christian Anderson- Well I am almost fifty and I still love fantasy stories, movies, will I have to say more why I love his amazing fairy tales?

10. Isaac Asimov- I love reading science fiction, but am a bit lame in science, Isaac Asimov is one of those rare writers who describe science in layman’s term. I never hiccupped reading his books and took trip with his characters as easily as one can.


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