Thursday Fun n Frolics 31.12.15

1. Flash Gordon- I was obsessed with these books, always read these comics books multiple times.

2. Phantom- Phantom was sort of assurance that good always wins! Still love the spirit of phantom, even after disillusionment about victory of good.

3. Mandrake- his power of hypnotizing is enviable is not it?

4. Fairy tales- Still love them, at my age, not only in books but movies too.

5. Amar chitra katha- this was a comics strip I devoured as teenager, did not liked much as kid because they were based on true stories thus lacked the glamour of fiction. These are historical stories based on Indian legends.

6. Ghost stories- Will always love them, have loved them when I was terrified of ghosts and love them now when no longer afraid of things that go bumping in night.

7. Tarzan- loved journeying with jungle boy!

8. Reader’s digest- I just loved its UK editions, have read every copy since 1949 I think, my father had been buying them from ages and maintaining them properly, binding annually. I just utilized that treasure trove merrily.

9. Time life series- this was one priceless collection of my father, he bought a lot of old timelife books, those are sheer jewels to picture lovers and those curious about lot of things but need layman’s language to understand most of things.

10. Kid’s magazines sandesh, anandamela, shuktara, lotpot they ruled my childhood, I was so hungry for reading that I had to read all the time, so, the books in library were never enough!



2 thoughts on “Thursday Fun n Frolics 31.12.15

  1. I’m sorry that I haven’t been visiting many online, blogging friends, Sharmishtha, but it’s good to see you.I always had a bit of a crush on “The Phantom”.He is so good, so righteous and has such character. I wish you a great 2016.

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