Thursday Fun n Frolics 7.1.16

1. Cosmos- This is the serial that made me fall in love with space, the way carl sagan explained universe was amazing!

2. Fairy tale theater- I wonder if they still show it somewhere but I just loved this series, based on fairy tale stories, not parodies or remakes, original ones.

3. Lucy show- Who does not loves Lucie?

4. Star trek- This was one magical serial to me!

5. Fringe- It is one of my favorite serials.

6. Ghost stories- Just loved these spooky stories as a teenager, saw them just a few days back, they are good!

7. X files- It was my hot favorite serial before watching fringe.

8. Yatra- it was an indian television production and a fantastic one, it travelled with Indian railways and believe me the journey was magical.

9. Once upon a time- loved this serial, maybe it twisted all fairy tales and their characters but still is fun!

10. Chanakya- it was one amazing serial on indian politician chanakya.


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