Thursday Fun n Frolics 4.2.16 10 aha moments!

10 Aha moments-

We all have a secret box in our hearts I believe, where we keep those aha moments which we know will most probably never come true! but still we don’t throw them away and think about them once in a while-

1. To see a volcano erupt from really close spot.
2. To see a tsunami.
3. To befriend a beautiful wild creature- any thing will do but have a fascination for birds and big cats.
4. to be invited by an alien to have a trip in space, not to be tested!
5. to win a booker prize for any of my book, or maybe nobel!
6. To spend some time with penguins in wild. In fact I am more keen to see all that ice!
7. To fly, have a pair of wings I mean.
8. To live in the middle of a forest for some days.
9. To live some days in a submarine.
10.To live in a fort for some months…


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