Friday Journals 5.2.16

IMG_0001 6.11.15 banshpati ukool frijo 5.2

people wait for milkman
or the newspaper boy
to show up at dawn
I wait for her
my ears strain
for her sweet call
“toob toob toob”
not very loud she is,
very softly she sings,
one has to be waiting
to hear her clearly.
She has been away
for quite a few days
and I was afraid
I have lost a vision
full of delight
then she came back
and she gave me
an “aha moment” today
and I rechristened her,
from my sweet wings
to “farishta” an angel!

Ah! yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking… but I am absolutely besotted by these beautiful birds! They are as gorgeous as they can be, and a little adamant voice in my heart says that they too know that I love seeing them, so they stay around, show up whenever they can!

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