Thursday Fun n Frolics 11.2.16 5 Indian street foods

5 favorite Indian street foods-

1. Golgappa or panipuri- These are as common as they can be, but not all vendors can mix up the right thing, it consists of three essential stuffs- a small puri like thing in which goes the second ingredient mashed potato with other delicate stuffs like coriander leaves, onion and finally a liquid from heaven made of tamarind and other mouth tingling stuffs. The mashed potato goes inside the puri like crunchy thing and then that goes dipping into the tamarind water and served to the eagerly waiting person.

2. Bhelpuri- don’t know its ingredients just love it.

3. Aloo kee tikki- mashed potato added with lot of extra delicacies and then fried like a cutlet in a frying pan, after that different vendors add different things, some add chhole – some curd.

4. Jhalmuri- it is West Bengal special, puffed rice mixed with insane ingredients, varies from vendor to vendor a lot, the trick is the mixing!

5. Aloo kabli- it again is a speciality of Bengal methinks- a not very spicy but very tasty combo of potato and chana. It tastes divine.

Yours please? It can be American or Norwegian… anywhere you live!


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