Thursday Fun n Frolics 17.3.16

ten things I will love to do before I die… if I don’t hit the jackpot I mentioned in previous 10 dreams.

1. Live in a house surrounded by snow covered land for a year maybe, so I can relish all the seasons there.
2. Live in a house by ocean, preferably with a scenic view for at least a year.
3. Live in an old fort again for at least a year.
4. Live in Venice for a year.
5. Live in Paris for a year.
6. Live in Scotland for a year.
7. Travel all through India, especially the historical places and Kashmir.
8. See Manas Lake.
9. Spend a spring (at least) in valley of flower.
10. I will love to have a house where I can have pet dogs again. A house of my own, bought by my own money earned from bestsellers.

Yours please? Don’t hide them!


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