Thursday Fun n Frolics 24.3.16

We all have those bad days, don’t we? When nothing is going right or things have been going really bad from the minute we woke up properly, if not the second we got out of bed….

Yeah, yeah I too have those days but I have some things quite handy to cheer me up, and like miracle they mostly show up too.

1. Clouds, sun, moon, sky… these always bring down my blood pressure from high to moderately low level, sometimes to normal!
2. A flower or hundreds of them, that is, one in a plant or hundreds in a tree, sometimes a picture too serves equal dose of stress-busting effect, mostly if it is surprise.
3. Birds, animals especially if they offer me a nice photograph or do something surprisingly delightful, like sitting somewhere close to me without being afraid!
4. Small children, below five mostly, they have a fantastic positive effect on our mind I think.
5. Natural fragrance that is carried by wind and wind itself always cheers me up! When I am happy I become happier, when I am sad I become happy.

What are yours?


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