Thursday Fun n Frolics 31.3.16

We all have skeletons inside the closet of our mind I guess, or most of us, I fall in that group, there are some skeletons, zombies, bogeymen inside that closet, very much alive and often come out when I allow them or sometimes the door is open due to some other reason then go on rampage or I catch them real quick.

So, mostly their targets are the insects I hate inside my house and if they trespass.
1. Fire ants and the big ants, yes, the ones that are almost the size of bee, exceptionally bigger than the remaining lot.
2. Cockroaches of any size- just don’t want to see them inside my house.
3. Spiders- don’t get violent but take care of their webs and escort them out too if I can catch them.
4. Flies- they drive me little cuckoo! Just don’t want them inside my house.
5. Mosquitos… hate them!

What are yours?


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