Thursday Fun n Frolics 7.4.16

Five requests to horror, thriller and sci-fi directors, esp. those who handle the background music.

1. Please don’t play game with our ears, you don’t want to hear the names people call you when right after an ample spell of mumbling by your characters on screen the speakers belt out howling in name of suspense music. Believe me… you just don’t want to hear those names. So try to scare us, thrill us but don’t think that we are deaf or try to make us.
2. Once again, in the name of horror, thriller, sci-fi don’t meddle with our eyes, you know how annoying and painful it is to stare at the screen and try to understand what is happening there as you dance with the camera in semi-darkness like a wo/man high on drugs? If you want people to watch your movies more than once, don’t play these games, those who value their eyesight will skip your movie.
3. Blood, gore and violence is not a replacement for fear, it provokes repulsion not terror- they are different feelings. Watch the first part of the omen and read how it scared people out of their wits and then watch the remaining parts, including the remake and read their criticisms, tally them with the critics of the first part you will know what I am talking about. Try to tickle our fear center, not puke center.
4. Do be merciless when editing, if needed do it multiple times, it is better to watch a very short terrifying movie than the one that had some really good spots but just went on and on till people started to yawn.
5. Horror, sci-fi, fantasy fans are not dumb day-dreamers, they love to think out of the box but they do think, and possess a brain that analyzes your works, stories, dialogues, scenes… almost everything! So please respect us/them and treat us like very sensible group of people.

Your requests??


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