Thursday Fun n Frolics 14.4.16

Four reasons that make me suspect that most of the characters, especially the victims of horror movies are seriously mentally challenged. They need serious supervision to stay alive.

1. Why do they look for rational explanation when things around them are levitating or crashing against wall, some quite meticulously directed at one or other of them?
2. Why exactly they stick to a place even after seeing very, very fleshy ghosts? Ghosts that actually holds a full conversation with them or looks really, really malicious? Will you? Have you ever seen one that vividly real ghost in your whole life?
3. Why exactly do they disperse in a haunted house looking for exits or places to hide? Why can’t they stay together so that if it is a group of goons then they can at-least have manpower to fight them!
4. We get the found footage movies, they are shrewd, they just show us weirdest things and we have to accept that it was a found footage movie so no story, dialogue, logic is must but when they are showing an actual movie, with a so called story, don’t they think that viewer’s have a right to know what actually happened? Or they don’t know that either, they just churn up crazy scenes and then go overboard and can’t put a cork on the bottle?

What ticks you off in horror-thriller-scifi movies as too dumb?


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