Thursday Fun n Frolics 21.4.16

5 votes in favor of nature as a creator not man.
1. When my eyes zoom in, they can see the bird hiding behind the leaves, often its feathers…but when my camera zooms in it captures the leaves, ignores the bird! Now, if the bird has been posing for me of course it would not have been a problem, but they rarely do, so why can’t the camera just duplicate the scene? Like it is supposed to do, why make own choices? Making decisions that I want to take snaps of leaves?
2. I so utterly despise it when it does exactly the aforementioned thing and takes the snap of the grill, not the bird sitting right behind it! Now leaves are a lame consolation for bird, but grills? Window grills or any grill? How about just copying the scene?
3. Same thing applies to audio too, my humble ears can hear the spilling music of whistles of a bird, a little distance away, my pest of a camera picks up honking of horns, chatting of people and ignores the bird whistles.
4. My eyes can see every single leaf of the tree in its full colour, but alas! My camera does not, and when I adjust its lenses to low light it robs the photographs of colours too! A bland photograph is gifted after five in the evening in summer and three in winter!
5. My eyes can see things clearly, capture almost everything when I am sitting in a train, but can my camera? Nope!
Now, maybe expert cameramen or women know how to tackle these problems, but hey! I am not an expert optician or ear specialist! I just have a body like everyone else, and more or less equal mastering skills too.

Where do you think nature beats our creativity?


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