Thursday Fun n Frolics 28.4.16

Five movies internet and (cell)phone addicted people should see, to spook them a bit!

1. One missed call- in this movie a ghost used to redial the last number that person has called and then kill that person. 
2. The net- 1 & 2, how much we depend on internet, and how much of us is stored in it, these two movies are creepy, realistic reminder of how they can be manipulated, and how we can be manipulated by them.
3. Pulse- it is quite cool, a bunch of ghosts enter cyberspace, and through it everything linked to internet- cellphones etc. etc… almost every modern thing is these days connected to phone or internet is not it? When these ghosts got hungry they provoked their victims to commit suicide, and their numbers did increased by leaps and bounds.
4. When a stranger calls and scream saga- you have to pick up the phone and chat with a stark stranger, right? When a stranger call is one of the best thrillers I have seen.
5. Phonebooth- if you have not seen it, watch it!

Any additions from your end?


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