Thursday Fun n Frolics 12.5.16

5 signs you are a serious case of “loser syndrome” or are in the verge of building it-

1. You spend your time trying to prove yourself better than someone/others instead of living a life, enjoying it.
2. Worse if you spend it trying to pull someone/others down so you could elevate yourself higher.
3. You can do anything for someone- even if it is God, someone who can do “anything” for anyone/thing is a very dangerous person to others. It means s/he places love/duty above conscience.
4. You can’t let go a relationship, even if it is killing you, destroying you! There are other people too in the world, why not try them? Being solo is not that bad! People can survive happily without a bunch of intimate relationships! Or a single one! It’s nice enough to have a dozen or so good relationships.
5. You can’t move on, from a phase of life, from a thing even if it is no longer relevant to your present life, lifestyle.

Your addition?

Have a lovely day!.


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