Thursday Fun n Frolics 26.5.16

5 movies I would have loved to see sequels-

1. Eragon, the way the first movie told the story of a dragon and her dragon-rider was truly fantastic. But unfortunately the present viewers of movies did not like it much I guess, so it did not scored big in box-office and dreams of a sequel stayed dream.
2. The last airbender- it is one of my favorite fantasy movies, so, naturally I will absolutely love to see its sequel. The story was very fresh and promising!
3. I am number 4- I loved the fantasy sci-fi movie and would have absolutely loved a good sequel!
4. The mortal instrument, city of bones- it is a very interesting story of shadow hunters and the shadows they hunt! Heard that its sequel is about to get released.
5. There are quite a handful of animation, like Lilo and Stitch. An alien lost in earth, chased by two harmless and one not at all harmless alien.

Your additions?



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