Thursday Fun n Frolics 23.6.16

Four favorite fairy tales I will love to see on screen, without doctoring the actual story-

1. The little mermaid, I love the Disney serial that goes by this name, it is amazing but it has failed to capture the ethereal beauty of the actual story.
2. Thumbelina-, I really wanted (still do) to have a Thumbelina like girl  I believe it will make an amazing movie if perfectly captured.
3. Gulliver’s travels stories both parts, I think if done well these two will make fantastic movies, especially after reading the deeper side of the stories, that they were actually satires on human society.
4. Beauty and the beast, I have loved the animation movie, I think it will be a great movie too, if tried.
Now computer graphics have become brilliant, those who can make movies like Jurassic park, aqua marine, TLOR, Harry Potter can make these too.


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