WQWWC theme for the week is Beauty

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It’s easy to join in:

•Find a quote you like that goes with the theme of the week.
•Use that quote either in or as the title of some form of writing such as a flash fiction piece, poem, or pretty much anything as long as you include the quote and make sure to note who said it.
•Then do a Ping Back or paste your URL into the comments of this post so we can all visit you.


“Beauty is but skin deep.”

beauty is but skin deep
if you nurture only the upper covering
of your true self.
To make it everlasting
start from your soul
and then see how that radiance spreads
and spills out of your being
to make you beautiful
without your makeup kit or designer dresses,
without your jimmy choo shoes or conditioned tresses.
Let the fragrance of your soul flower spread
not the costly perfume of wild flowers.

17 thoughts on “WQWWC theme for the week is Beauty

  1. Excellent, Sharmishtha, everlasting beauty; concise and exquisite, uncompromising without being polemical.

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