Thursday Fun n Frolics 21.7.16

Four haunted houses I have been to, without seeing a single ghost-

1. My ancestral home in Kamalpur is notorious for ghost sightings, (un)fortunately our family members don’t see them,.
2. Will Bari (Will House in English, don’t know the story behind the name)- I have heard dozens of scary ghost stories about this house, then without knowing I practiced karate in its garden (ex) for almost an year, nope, no ghosts for me!
3. Garstin Place- well, this house is quite infamous for ghost sightings in Kolkata, I worked in this building for an year, without seeing any.
4. A fraudulent medical transcription institute in Bishop Lefroy Road, well, that flat from which they ran their little scam was haunted, failed to see the ghosts.


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