Uncomfortable with pseudonyms…?

Agnishatdal The Ezine

When I first started writing I was working, though my bosses were absolutely nonchalant to my online activities, I used three pseudonyms and my own name to write for MSN’s user’s archive, and honestly the editor pampered me silly.

The reason was simple- I was pouring my heart out in those writings and quite a lot for very sensitive, and quite harsh too, back then I have just started writing, forgive me! Now I write them as fictions of course!

Then I realized how one of my pseudonyms Agni was hogging all the glory, and most of the attention of the editor, I became a bit jealous and then things took turn and I ended up in home, and my writing became my salvation, no longer hobby. As I was not accountable to anyone anymore I decided that I will never use a pseudonym again, for anything. If I use…

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