Thursday Fun n Frolics 4.8.16

TFNF august 2016

The type of sites/employers you may be wary about.

I have often seen these advertisements, in the sites I frequent and if I am not wrong I was fooled by a site like this once. I am pretty confident about it.

These employers ask you to send a sample of your writing, usually on a specific theme, they are quite precise about that theme very often, and after you send your sample to them they never revert back.

Do you ever wonder that they are gathering samples for their own ideas? I have a feeling like that quite often. So I have thereafter decided that instead of wasting my time over them, no matter how much money they offer I will rather send a complete work to a ezine, magazine, that work can be utilized elsewhere if they don’t like it. Right?

But if I write a piece on a country home in India on a stormy night, I will have to write a whole story around it to utilize it. Forget about duller pieces like a family travelling in car! Or rewriting a piece of Jane Eyre in your own language!

We all love to make our name, but beware of those who want to make name by exploiting the creativity of others.

The site will come in next week…


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