Thursday Fun n Frolics 11.8.16

TFNF august 2016
The type of sites/employers you may be wary about.

There was this site I joined with great enthusiasm, it sounded really good, if your story gets a certain votes you get reward. Well, I thought my friends (purely cyber visitors who became my friends through my works, not friends in real life who became readers) like my stories then why won’t strangers!

So like an idiot I wasted two months, piling up my stories there, by the end of the first month I started to suspect but tested them for another month before rejecting.

There was a pattern- only SOME WRITERS got the votes, and I am QUITE ARROGANT about my reading skills and tastes, believe me, they match with the real connoisseurs! Now arrogance aside! I started to read quite seriously the works “that did not get votes” and noticed that they were quite often far better than the ones that were voted profusely. Especially a girl, who wrote a soap opera and won thousands of votes!

I have two verdicts- one, it was soap opera girl’s bought site, or she bought voters to keep her money in her pocket and she hired some of her friends who can write a bit and kept voting them enough to shoo the rest of the competitors out from the prize money.


Just imagine, how many of you will miss a fair chance to win a 500$ reward or chance to get published? There were at least 100 writers pouring out their creativity there, just as I said there were at least 20-30 ace writers, who were not in the list, but there works were visible to everyone, so…

I had a suspicion that there were many sharks under the ocean surface, or a few big ones swimming right under the boats.

If you do join these sites don’t share your un-copyrighted things there, before you become confident about their noble intentions, and think very seriously before sharing your “book of dream” or its plot there.


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