WQWWC theme for the week is “Autumn”

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“White autumn cloud boats sail in deep blue sky, echoing the footsteps of Mother Goddess as she heads towards earth.”- Its a Bengali quote translated. Hope you will enjoy the difference!

Autumn is very special in Bengal too, the province of India where I live, because of Durgapuja, Bengal’s biggest festival which will be held from 6th October for five days this year.

So my poem dedicated to Bengal Autumn for you-

The rain clouds still rumble
bidding goodbye.
The sky is filled with dazzling
white clouds that sail like mountains,
from one end of blue ocean
to the other.
The white Kash flowers bloom everywhere,
to announce autumn is here,
the coral jasmines are blooming
filling up the evening air,
under the twinkling stars
in the cool, crisp nights
they talk of Agamani,
the footsteps of the revered one
ringing in the distant skies,
and in their pure petals.

(Agamani means coming of Durgapuja mostly, Bengalis are extremely sentimental (and obsessed) about this puja (worshipping of a deity), since time immortal!)


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