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A creative effort of Sharmishtha Basu… an attempt to capture your hearts! Try it out guys! No harm can come from that on the contrary a magazine can start breathing and living because you cared and encouraged it! 

This magazine is much more direct (blunt, honest, rude…) than my blogs, because everything is not meant for everyone! That is a lesson I have learnt well through my years of blogging and living. So, I keep some for those who are a little more serious readers. Agnijaat contains and will contain those much more serious works in the form of essays, poetries, articles, cartoons, stories… check it out, without readers writing is a zombie  desperate to live! Honestly it will be what I can’t say out loud in open to everyone, so I will be glad to get some very serious readers, be the wind under its wings if you are ready to read an ezine of 100-125 page (with lot of illustrations) every month!

From October Agnijaat and its twins will be published in Amazon as quarterlies- for $3.5 apiece. They will be published in October, January, April and July.

If you want to read any of its Issues write to me ( cc, I will send you the pdf for mere 1$, if you want it for free then you will have to promise a critic for it, I will be immensely glad to see that in your blog so I can boast and alongwith that, in Agnijaat’s reader’s comment page-

It is a monthly magazine, that will be published on 1st of every Bengali month-
Ashwin- Mid September
Kartik- Mid October
Agrahayan- Mid November
Poush- Mid December
Magh- Mid January
Falgun- Mid February
Chaitra- Mid March
Boisakh- Mid April
Jyeshtha- Mid May
Ashar- Mid June
Shraban- Mid July
Bhadra- Mid August

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2 thoughts on “Check out Agnijaat!

  1. Hey Trisha,

    Thought I’d send this email because I’ve been a little concerned about your use of the word ‘critic’ (below) which means ~


    noun: critic; plural noun: critics

    a person who expresses an unfavourable opinion of something.

    “critics of the new legislation say it is too broad”

    detractor, censurer, attacker, fault-finder, carper, backbiter, caviller, reviler, vilifier, traducer, disparager, denigrator, deprecator, belittler.

    Perhaps the better word may be a ‘critique’ which means ~


    noun: critique; plural noun: critiques

    1. 1.

    A detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical,

    or political theory.

    analysis, evaluation, assessment, appraisal, appreciation, review, write-up.

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