Thursday Fun n Frolics 13.10.16

If You are an Indie artist, author and want to talk about your blog, your book or your gallery, album feel free to write a letter to me, in, I will conduct an interview and publish your interview here and if you allow it then in Agnishatdal and the related sites to both, facebook, goodreads etc.

We all can do with a little helping hand once in a while, I have always been helped by my friends and so, I will love to help you guys too, in any way it is good for both.

World is not very easy for Indie publishing, and in the end, we all dream of being read by others, because that is the reason we write and take that dream another step forth- publish that work. So, there is no reason to be shy about it I believe. At present, everyone is writing, so the blogs are full of authors talking about their own works, if you want someone else to talk about your works, let me help you!

My benefit? Well, I will be able to fill up my blog with something good without churning up my idea machine, which right now is fully occupied with my ezines agnishatdal ( and agnijaat (

Let’s help each other?



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