Your love brought me back!

congrats little one!

Hemdiva Dev

Hi my blogger friends!
Today I choose to write, always wished but today I’m missing posting here.

I always have so much to tell but I can’t finds words.
I have so much to do but can’t manage the guts.
Hey! That rhymes!

My laptop is back to life! *virtually sends cookies, chocolates & gifts to everyone reading this*

The first thing I did is publishing my book! Well I always kept writing, hand writing… “Sonu’s Adventures” Sonu’s Best Friend Forever
Read the book absolutely free here-

And it’s God’s blessing that, the day it was published it got the 1st place in bestsellers in humour & children’s fiction, on Amazon’s Japan’s website.

Do check it out!

Also, one of my favourite author, Sharmishtha Basu’s ezines are available on Amazon!
Check them out!

I’d love to go on a Vacation in the Maldives! Well, I…

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