Thursday Fun n Frolics 3.11.16

Just remember one thing, these are my personal experiences, not necessary that you will have to agree with me.

Two years ago I believed publishing meant going through the cruel phase of multiple rejections by publishers, honestly, I could not muster up the courage to send my works to anyone, so I thought that I will simply blog and stay happy with that. But my friends back then somehow stirred up the appraisal hungry being inside me and I decided I will give self-publishing a try, first attempt was TRAGEDY. Then my friend Teagan told me about kindle, amazon.

My anger with the first tragedy goaded me to Amazon, and I created my first book in one day and published it.

Amazon walked its talk, when it said it allows authors self publish for free it meant more, it meant it will help them through, a rookie, clutz like me could publish it.

Honestly, they not only help authors publish their own work they guide them through every step and after that they give them a little boost too, facebook and goodreads took some time to pick up my name, but amazon was there from the very beginning. Within two days of publishing “The lotus of fire” my amazon bio, author profile popped up whenever I searched my name in google.

Now, that is a huge boost for someone like me, a writer with empty pockets and lot of dreams! I know the charges of amazon are steep, that is, royalty wise but I have no grudges against that. After all, providing those amazing services costs them a lot, so if they deduct it from the royalty I have no beef with that.

That is why if I publish outside Amazon that will be either traditional way or with some very lucrative publishing house, the chances of latter is very slim. The first one is always welcome, it ruffles the ego feathers a lot 


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